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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chapter One Study Guide Questions!

Please look over the following questions and feel free to respond in the comment section. If you do not have a study guide, copy these down in a journal so you can come back and refer to the questions/answers throughout this journey!

Becoming A Praying Parent

1. List three traits you see as your child's best qualities.

2. How could these good qualities become liabilities if they are not covered in prayer?

3. List three biggest concerns you have for your child.

4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by any of these concerns? In what way?

5. Does your child have any negative character traits that need to be covered in prayer? What are they?

6. How could these negative traits be turned into positive qualities or assets in your child's life?

7. Look up James 4:7 and underline it in your Bible.
Who are you supposed to resist?
When you resist, what will happen?
Do you believe that you can successfully resist the enemy's plans for your children in prayer?

8. Read Deuteronomy 32:30 and underline it in your Bible.
How many of the enemy's forces can cause to flee when you pray?
Do you believe there is power in praying with other believers for your children?
Why or why not?

9. In what ways do you feel you have done a good job as a parent?

10. Do you feel you have ever made any mistakes as a parent?
If so, make a list of what they are and what you would have done differently. Write a prayer asking God to redeem those situations.

11. Do you ever feel guilt as a parent?
Why or why not?

12. Is there anything that you would like to change about yourself or your life that would alleviate the guilt you feel as a parent?
Explain in your journal and write a prayer to God asking Him to help you make the changes.

13. Do you feel that you generally expect a lot of yourself?
Do you expect yourself to be a perfect parent?

14. Read Romans 8:1 and underline it in your Bible.
How are we to walk in order to be free of feeling condemnation?
How are we not to walk?
Write a prayer in your journal and ask God to help you walk free of condemnation.

15. Read Ephesians 6:12-13 and underline it in your Bible.
Whom are we wrestling against when pray?
What are we supposed to do to withstand them?
Write out a prayer asking God to help you do that, especially with regards to your children.

16. Read 1 Peter 5:8-9 and underline it in your Bible.
Who is your enemy and the enemy of your children?
What is he constantly doing?
What are you to do in response?

17. Read Luke 10:19 and underline it in your Bible.
God has given you authority over all _____?
That means for your children and yourself.
Do you see the enemy trying to threaten your child in any way?
If so, what way?

18. Read John 15:5 and underline it in your Bible.
How does this verse apply to you as a parent?
Are you able to fully depend on God to help you raise your children?

19. Read 1 Peter 4:8.
What will cover the places where we miss the mark as parents?
Write out a prayer asking God to help you love your child with such unconditional love that it smooths all the rough places, heals all wounds, and covers your weakness.

Again, please feel free to respond in the comment section for an "online" discussion!


Shanan said...

I am going to respond to #10 which I think affected #5.

When I had Cari-Bella, we had put so much emphasis on Sophi for the years before, I was always worried that she would feel "second best" because she was second born. Does any other mom have this problem?

I was so in tune to Sophi following rules, using her manners, minding, etc....that I feel somewhere along the way I have failed to make Cari-Bella walk the same line. I don't know if it is because I am always trying to make sure everything is "equal" in regard to attention given...etc.... or the fact that sometimes I am just "TOO TIRED" to fight the battle!!!

Because of situation over the last year, I have been trying to compensate for everything when Cary is not here. My mom brought it to my attention that Bella sometimes "just screams" when something is wrong or she needs something or she is mad and I go RUNNING to her to "fix" it. I feel like I have enabled her to make choices or figure things out on her own. Not to mention, "use words" instead of screaming!!!

Since my mom brought it to my attention, I have tried to do a lot better. Sometimes it is soooo hard. She is so much more strong headed and likes to defy me more than Sophi did. I know a lot has to do with age, and it is getting better. Somedays I just want to scream, "Calgone take me away!!!" Being a mom is hard work!!!

Does any other parent have these problems?????? :)

Anonymous said...

You are not alone. It is easier sometimes to give in rather than follow through. I think a lot of moms are in the same boat. Just remember that children starve for discipline no matter how hard it seems. Don't give up!

Love your sight, btw.