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Monday, May 4, 2009

Our First Meeting!

Tonight, we officially had the "first" Moms and Mondays tonight at my house! We had a great time of fellowship and I can already tell that God has great things in store for this group! For those of you who planned on coming, but did not get to make it last minute, I ordered your books and study guides and they will be in on Thursday. I will call you as soon as I get them.

Several of you that do not live in Wichita Falls have emailed me and have asked either how to participate or follow this blog. I think to actually follow the blog, then you have to be signed up with blogspot. If you do not have a blog, that doesn't mean you can't participate. Please participate!!! Here's how we decided that it is going to work:

Each week, we will read one chapter and answer the questions to that chapter in the study guide. On Monday, I will post a reflection/summary from the chapter and the questions from the study guide. I ENCOURAGE those who are participating to go to the comment section and either answer/respond to some of the questions or share an experience. You can do this by going to the comment section and signing up with an email and a password. If you want to comment anonymously, you can. We can all learn from each other and you never know who is going through the same parenting situation that you are going through. Also, if I am the only one writing or commenting, it is going to get VERY! :)

The author, Stormie Omartian, mentioned that journaling during this process might be a good idea. (She explains that in the beginning of the study guide.) I shared my "Praise and Prayer Journal" tonight with the group and gave everyone that came a journal. I use mine to write down a list of things I am praying for (Prayers) and a list of things that I am thankful for (Praises) each day. In the beginning, believe it or not, it was so much easier for to think of Prayers to ask God for than to think of actual Praises. How selfish was that? Each day, I try to make each side "equal" so my prayers never out number my praises. This has been such a blessing in my life to look back over the years and see how many prayers God has answered. I wanted to share this experience of mine because I think it has helped me evolve in the way that I pray. I have even started "writing out" more prayers here lately and that is how I am going to incorporate a new journal with this study. I have some extra journals, so if you weren't here tonight and would like one, please let me know!

Another thing that we decided to do is to make a list of children and their ages that we will be praying for. (See side section.) Please email me at to add your children or grandchildren to the list. I will not put last names, only first names and ages. I ask that each Monday when you are praying for your child that you will refer to this list of children and pray for them as well.

Please check back next Monday because we will be covering Chapter One on this blog. Also, our next meeting together is at my house on Tuesday, June 2nd. (I know this is supposed to be a Monday meeting, but June 1st is my anniversary so I have to make an exception!)

The power of prayer is an amazing thing so I hope that you will join us in this journey for praying for our children!

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