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Monday, April 27, 2009


When God speaks, do we always listen? For the past several weeks, I have been convicted to begin a Bible Study. I have been fighting this because I have NO time and it is kinda out of my comfort zone, but God doesn't give up. It all started last summer. When I was at my brothers wedding, I met a lady and was quite taken back by what she said. When she met my brother, she started crying and told him that she had been praying for him for over 20 years. You see, this lady was my sister-in-law to be mother's best friend. They had began praying for their children's spouses when their children were small and even continued to pray each week over the phone after one family moved away. I was so touched by this story and what the power of prayer can do.

After the wedding and on in to the summer, I became quite concerned because I felt like Sophi was becoming a little obsessed with boys...aka..."Troy"......Zac Efron and was convinced she was going to marry him and they were going to live with Cary and I. (I blogged about this if you missed it! Click here.) Anyway, that is when Cary and I explained to her that we were praying for both her and Cari-Bella and their husbands now. We also went on to explain how we wanted God to prepare christian husbands for them both.

Let's just say Sophi keeps me on my toes. She is always asking me if I am praying for her husband. I do pray, but I have to say that I don't as often as I should and need to be held accountable. I pray for my children each and every day, but I feel like I should be more specific each and every day as well. I so get caught up in that when things are going good, sometimes my prayers are lacking in depth, but when things are going bad, I am down on my knees begging for God to take control. Why don't I do that everyday?

I worry so much at times about the future of my girls.....will they chose friends that make the right choices?.....will they make the right choices?......will they set an example for others to follow? .....will they be bullied? will the be a bully? ......will they fall to peer pressure or temptation?.....will they look for boys to fill a void they have? will they handle the teenage years? will Cary and I handle the teenage years?
That is to just name a few! There is so much that we can do for our children right now just by praying.

One thing that I have a passion for is writing in my prayer and praise journal. It is something that I try to do everyday after my bible time. One day, not too long ago I was writing a prayer for each girl and their spouse and God began tugging on my sleeve. He tugged so much that I couldn't sleep that night. I knew I had to do something. It was right after Sophi had asked me again if I had talked to God about her husband lately. I came up with the idea of getting a group of moms together (Moms and Mondays) on the first Monday of each month for a bible and book study that focused on how to pray for our children.

Of course, I came up with this idea and did not follow through with it. Tonight, I was reading on Facebook, of all places, that one of Sophi's closest friends had accepted Christ and was getting baptised. I called Becca right away crying with excitement and through our conversation that got deep right away :) I knew that I had to start this Bible study.

I don't know yet how God is going to use me, but here is the plan so far. I would like for Moms and Mondays to be a group that met on the first Monday of each month. God is going to have to tell me exactly what we are going to do but I am thinking a bible/book study. I would like it to focus on our children and things that we should be praying for concerning their choices and future, as well as receiving Christ. I would also like to start making some sort of list or journal of all the children that we would be praying for each week. On the other Monday's of the month, I would like to incorporate this blog in some way. I am not sure yet how, so any ideas would be appreciated! I was thinking about having certain things or scriptures that we would all pray for on that particular Monday. Since mom's have such a busy life, even though we wouldn't meet on every Monday, we would know that would be the day each week that we would pray for specific things concerning our children. Also, by incorporating this blog, maybe other groups of Moms could begin their own group and then participate by blogging as well. (I'm still not sure how this is going to work!)

I am kinda talking/thinking out loud as I type! Maybe this is a journey that you would like to begin with me whether you are in Wichita Falls or somewhere else. Please let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts. The power of prayer is amazing!

Check back soon....I am hoping to have our first gathering this coming Monday!

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Britany said...

you are truly amazing! I love this idea & I can't wait to help you grow it into an amazing thing!